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The founders of Horatius have each spent 30 years straddling the worlds of banking and intelligence, providing go/no-go advice on multi-billion dollar transactions to some of the world’s biggest corporations.

They have unparalleled insights into those forces

that threaten the stability of our markets, and indeed our way of life.




Dominic Armstrong


Dominic read History at Magdalene College, Cambridge and brings to Horatius a combination of 15 years of investment banking at Robert Fleming / Jardine Fleming in London and in South-East Asia, with 15 years of advising multi-national corporations on geopolitical risk via his own intelligence and security firm, Aegis Defence Services. This work typically involved providing large corporate clients with highly sensitive intelligence-led go/no-go geopolitical advice on investment decisions across the world. Dominic sold Aegis in October 2015 but bought out its intelligence arm, creating a new, independent advisory consultancy called Herminius. The Horatius Fund actively leverages Dominic’s intelligence network and relationships.


James Sclater


James has held senior management and trading roles at credit funds for the last eighteen years, and most recently was the Senior Portfolio Manager of the KKR Credit Fund. He has managed funds with AUM of $750mm and gross balance sheets in excess of $2bn. James has a proven track record across the cycle, including the credit crisis of 2008. Prior to this he worked in project management in Mozambique. He originally qualified as a lawyer with Clifford Chance. James is a graduate of the University of Bristol where he earned a BA in Philosophy (with Politics).


Dr Dominick Donald


Dr Dominick Donald has been a geopolitical analyst for over two decades. An an Oxford Modern History degree and service in the British Army led to a King’s College London War Studies PhD, and then stints as a foreign affairs editorial writer at The Times and an official at The UN in New York. During his subsequent fifteen years in the political risk sector, he has advised governments, armed forces and corporations on global developments ranging from the War on Terror to Brexit. It is this experience in the analysis of political reality that combines with Horatius’ market expertise to identify assets which may be mispriced due to geopolitical misconceptions.


Jo Francis


Jo has worked in investment operations for over 20 years. Jo began her career in fund administration at Deutsche Asset Management looking after a portfolio of institutional pension fund clients. She also held similar roles at both Merrill Lynch Investment Managers and Mellon Europe. In 2004 she moved to hedge fund RAB Capital, where she helped to build out the fund accounting team and implemented a robust operational infrastructure for this function. After this, Jo spent 6 years at another hedge fund, Urwick Capital, beginning as Operations Manager and progressing to COO, looking after all non-investment aspects of the business. She also held this role at the Mittal family office before joining Horatius in late 2017.


Daniel Hannan, MEP


Daniel Hannan is a Member of the European Parliament and brings a wealth of political experience, historical perspective and significant access to the political structures in many of the countries in which Horatius invests.​


Preston Rabl


Preston Rabl is a chartered accountant and was a partner in stockbrokers Henderson Crossthwaite. He was the co-founder of WPP and has been a director of, investor in or advisor to a number of public and private companies both in the UK and overseas, in industries ranging from fund management and stock broking to manufacturing and diversified groups.​



James Edwards


James has worked as an investment manager for over 25 years, and first started investing in Emerging Markets in 1994. He has managed most types of fixed income including one of the earliest pure emerging market CDOs. He has often been the main point of contact with investors and it is in this role that he is primarily involved at Horatius. Before Horatius James had been one of the founders of an alternative investment seeding business that backed a number of early stage funds, including a private equity vehicle that invested into Mozambique. James graduated from Exeter University with a BA in Economic and Political Development.



Horatius Capital Limited Registered Company No. 10436077 Registered Address 22 Chancery Lane, London, WC2a 1lS, United Kingdom

Horatius Capital Limited is an Appointed Representative of Privium Fund Management (UK) Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Horatius Capital Limited Registered Company No. 10436077 Registered Address 22 Chancery Lane, London, WC2a 1lS, United Kingdom

Horatius Capital Limited is an Appointed Representative of Privium Fund Management (UK) Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Copyright Horatius 2019